How To Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally And Fast

How To Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally And Fast? If we have this problem then of course it is very unpleasant and the sufferers often feel embarrassed or even consider these health problems are not important. This condition is not a disease but a physiological change that occurs in blood vessels in the rectum, in the form of blood vessel dilation and inflammation of the surrounding tissues.

The causes can be various kinds of, for example such as

  • heredity, 
  • too much sitting, 
  • chronic diarrhea, 
  • constipation, 
  • hormonal changes due to pregnancy,
  • conditions that makes the sufferer push often. for example enlarged prostate or prostate cancer, urinary tract constriction or childbirth too often,
  • Venous blood flow back emphasis, as in cancer of the rectum, rectal inflammation of the rectum, constriction of the blood vessels, the increase in pressure in the abdominal cavity of the arcade, lever type of cirrhosis, a weak heart, and spleen swelling
  • while hemorrhoids caused by stretching of the anus, usually occurs in someone who likes anogenital sexual intercourse.

Generally, they are divided into two types, internal and external hemorrhoids.
  • Internal hemorrhoid  type occurs in the rectum that can not be seen or touched. And this type of hemorrhoid is painless because there are few nerves in the rectum. Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids can be known from the bleeding that occurs during defecation. This type of hemorrhoid can be more severe when these internal hemorrhoids are dilated and out on the lip of the anus that causes pain.
  • External hemorrhoids attack anus so that cause pain, burning, and itching. If it is driven out by stool, this can lead to clotting, which makes them become blue or purple. This type are more painful than the internal.
While on a pregnant women happen due to fetal growth pressure on a vein of hemorrhoids. Pregnant women often suffer from this disorder, it is naturally caused due to the increasing levels of the hormones of pregnancy that can weaken the vein in the anus. And also many pregnant women who suffer from hemorrhoids after at the age of 6 months of pregnancy. This is caused due to an increase in venous pressure in the pelvic area.

Many pregnant women were also experiencing hemorrhoids during the process of childbirth as a result of the pressure of a strong baby. Complications after giving birth can also trigger this problem, for example soft part of the vagina and anus often cause women to postpone defecation, it can actually trigger the occurrence of constipation.

There are many things that can be done to prevent a recurrence of the hemorrhoids naturally, for example, do not sit too long, gymnastics or exercise routine, sufficient sleep and rest, don't convulse too strong at the time of defecation. Defecation as soon as possible and don't delay before the stool becomes hard, eat vegetables, fruits and nuts that contain enough fiber, reduce eating chili and spicy food and plenty of drinking water.
hemorrhoid fast and Natural Treatment
There are two kinds of treatment for the patients can choose, that is, without surgery and with surgery. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages of each. In the first method can be performed with outpatients, while in the second way patients hospitalization required because it is done with anesthesia.

Simple therapy can be done with laxatives and diet with fibrous foods to treat hemorrhoids naturally, while the complex therapy can be done by sclerotherapy, ligation with barron ties, hemorrhoidectomy and cryo surgery. Instead of doing complex therapy, personally I recommend you to visit the hemorrhoid miracle, if you want to treat hemorrhoids naturally and fast. Or you can treat hemorrhoids with herbs.


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