Salt Can Be Bad For Your Health?

Salt is very famous as a food flavor enhancer, especially in Asia where they have so many kind spicy of foods. It does very important for our body as it contain sodium chloride ion to help us controlling water in our body. It is also very healthy for our brain as it is help us to maintain our nervous systems. But if you eat to much of it then it can be bad for your wellness, because it will make your body fluid remains higher and then another health disorder may appears.

The first problem that you may have is a high blood pressure (hypertension) as it can caused a serious heart attack or strokes. If you have grizzled hair or sometime hair losses then you may ask your self did you eat too much salt. Another impact that can bring you health problem if you eat it to much is osteoporosis, because it will prevent the absorption of the calcium in the body. Even if someone eating it in two grams per his or her body weight in a short time period then it may caused death. Everybody has a different salt intake needs, the world health organization suggest that you should take only 5 grams of salt or 2.2 mgr of sodium per day.

Health problems that caused by a high salt intake effect us in several ways. The first is sores of the stomach, according to many scientist research to much salt can caused a serious sores in the stomach as it will interact with some bacteria in our duodenum(stomach). The second is cancer, scientists found high salt intake as one that caused cancer in japan. Where the people in japan is likely have it in their daily menu. Knowing what you eat and try to controlling nutrient intake is a good thing to do, including to control salt for the sake of your health.


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