Sleep Apnea - Beware If You Snore Loudly

Sleep apnea can cause many health risks if you are not aware, snoring is one of the main symptoms. It means temporary stop breathing while you sleep, usually the duration occurs for several seconds but for some people it can be happen for a minute. It can be happen several times in an hour, when that happen then the patient will not get a good sleep quality and the body will be limp for all day and feels not fit enough.

This health disturbance can occur due to narrowed respiratory tract, so that the air/oxygen can not be inhaled perfectly and it will decrease the oxygen levels in the blood. It is possible to occur when the sufferers often snore when sleeping, especially when snoring loudly that is indicating that he/she had a trouble in breathing. Although not all snoring is dangerous, but you should consult with your doctor if you find many health complaints after you start an abnormal sleep.

Health Problems Caused by Sleep Apnea

Apart from strokes that can be happen because of increased blood viscosity in the patients, sleep apnea can also cause coronary heart disease due to an irregular heartbeat and reduced ability of the heart to pump blood throughout the body. Heart disorders that lead to a heart attack is one of the main death cause in the world.

Because of this health problem greatly affect the blood, then the patients usually experience a high blood pressure and this can even occur in children. On the other hand, sleep apnea can also lead to diabetes due to compromised metabolism and increased risk of obesity because of drowsiness which led the patient to be lazy in doing sports or exercises.

Healthy Habit to Prevent Sleep Apnea

We can reduce the health risks posed by sleep apnea by doing a few habits that can be applied daily. Such as avoiding eating in three or four hours before bedtime, and avoid sleeping with a full stomach. In addition to preventing obesity, that will also help you breath smoother during your sleep. You can try to eat some fruits if you feel so hungry before bedtime, bananas are a good example as it contains vegetable fat that can hold your hunger, but not too much because the key here is to sleep without full stomach. You can also try some exercises that trained your exhalation process to become stronger such as jogging. A well maintained healthy diet and a regular exercise will help you avoid sleep apnea and snoring, which is of course very disturbing.


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