How to Treat Back Pain

Back pain can happen to anyone, although this disorder affects more on the elderly but it can also occur in adolescents. When this occurs in people of productive age, without a proper treatment it can be very annoying to their daily routines. Usually back pain is caused by disorders of the muscles and nerves of the spine and the backbone that serve to shore up the body, and it will happen when the back muscles are working too hard.

Back Pain Causes

There are several things that can cause back pain. Such as:
  • The existence of injury to the ligaments that serve to maintain the stability of the bone or the presence of excessive muscle tension. Lift weights that are too heavy is a common mistake that is usually done by a sufferer, especially when he often bent and twisted his/her body in the wrong position.
  • The lack of muscle flexibility so it can not support the back and body properly, it can happen when the patient rarely doing exercise or sports.
  • Poor body shape due to abnormal posture of the spine, it can happen because of genetic abnormalities such as kyphosis, scoliosis or lordosis that caused spine to curved forward, sideways or backward.

    How to Treat Back Pain Naturally

    To treat back pain naturally, there are several ways can be applied. Get enough exercise, select the type of exercise you like so that the nutrients to the spinal discs can run smoothly and sufficiently and do not forget to rest and take a break by lying down. If you work in a way that sitting for too long then change your sitting position as often as possible so that the muscles do not become rigid and accelerate the blood circulation.

    You can ask for help to your wife or your husband to massage your back with warm balm before you sleep. If you frequent heavy lifting from the ground then bend your knee before you lift it, a common practice is to remove the goods directly from a standing position but without bending the knees so that your spinal muscles will be working too hard. These practices can be applied in a light to medium back pain, if you are suffered a severe back pain then I suggest you to go to your physician to get the proper treatment.


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