Diabetes in Pregnancy is Really Exist

Many pregnant women are often confused about whether they are really suffering from diabetes, and 99% of them are worried how this effects their fetus. This health problem can indeed happen and really exist in pregnancy, this condition is called gestational diabetes. As for the general risk is facing too big fetus within the uterus (macrosomia), and thus complicate or difficult in the process of childbirth.

This condition can be recognized at about 25 weeks of pregnancy, and likely to increasing the risk factor when a person has diabetes derived from the family. Similarly if the sufferer have a high blood pressure(hypertension) problems and it is also common in obese women. Therefore, the recommended weight gain in the gestation period is 1 to 2.7 Kilograms in the first three months and the next is a half kilogram per week.

By the experts, gestational diabetes is divided into two types, they are Gestational Impaired Glucose Tolerance (GIGT) and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM). Both types can occur for about 3% in pregnant women, the good news is this type can be cured by itself and can disappear after the birth of your baby. But, one thing to remind you to avoid complications and remains safe for you and your baby, we recommend that you do some preventive actions to make sure and control your health and your baby thoroughly.

Preventing Diabetes in Pregnancy

Doing some suitable exercises is one of a very good thing to do to prevent this problem. By doing a regular exercise then it will unleash metabolism and increase body resistance against diabetes. It will also make your hormone levels stay balanced and make your weight remains normal and fit.

If you are diagnosed by your doctor that you had diabetes during your gestation, then diligently control your blood glucose levels is a wise decision. To do it effectively, it would be better if you get a direct guidance from your doctor/specialist because each case typically have different conditions that need attention for the sake of your health and your baby. If you have consult regularly and get the right treatment, diabetes in pregnancy is not something that should be feared.


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