Prolonged Pain in the Thumb - Trigger Finger

You should be wary if your thumb or finger pain is prolonged, you may suffer from a trigger thumb (also called trigger finger). The pain can last for months without any other symptoms or a previous traumatic injury. It comes out of nowhere and grow worse over time. Sometimes the medicine from the doctor did not help much.

Trigger Finger - Pain in the Thumb or Fingers

Trigger finger or trigger thumb generally occurs in people who often uses his finger actively in daily activities, certain types of sport can also cause this disorder. People who have these kind of sports (bowling etc.) usually was actively using finger joints for hours especially the thumb. Sometime the sufferer feels his finger locked.

Trigger finger is a drag on the movement of the finger caused by inflammation of the tendons wrapping, it can be recognized by some active finger movement, such as folding the thumb to the palm of the hand or just an upward movement. If you feel pain in your fingers after doing a test recommended by the specialist, you might be suffering this disorder. Scientifically arm muscles that attach to bones via tendons connected to regulate the movement of the finger. Tendons also contains a lubricant that can launch a movement of the hands and fingers, when the tendon disorder such as lumps, thickening or dry the pain would be very disturbing.

trigger thumb
It can also be caused by previous illness such as diabetes or rheumatic (it's more prevalent in women than men), it can also occur in children because of an abnormality since birth.

What is the option to treat pain in the fingers - Trigger finger?

Healing pain in the finger caused by trigger finger can be done in several ways, one of them is continuous therapy. The therapy can be done by experts with a way to limit the movement by providing splints or other, provide anti-inflammatory and pain, or also to inject a corticosteroid at the pain area.

Other option that can also be done is by a surgery, by opening the inflamed tendon membrane. The surgery is performed by specialists is just a minor/light surgery so the patient can go home after it. With several choices of healing, you can choose more to your liking and do not forget to consult first with a specialist to treat pain in your fingers caused by the trigger finger.


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