Surgery Purposes Explained

Any surgery performed by the surgeon has a different purpose, it depends on the condition of the patient. There are some goals that are usually performed by a surgeon.

What Is The Purpose Of Surgery?

Preventive purposes, is a surgical operation that aims to prevent disease suffered by the patient becomes more severe. For example: on pancreatic tumor surgery, performed the bypass channel creation in the upper gastrointestinal tract which function to prevent the back-flow of food. In hernia surgery, performed the installation of mash which aims to strengthen the strengthening layer and prevent the risk of relapse. So also with the Ventricular-peritoneal shunt, ie installation of channels in the brain to the abdominal cavity to prevent hydrocephalus.

Diagnostic purposes, which is a surgery performed to diagnose the disease. This is done to determine the stage of the disease suffered by the patient and clarify the abnormalities that occur.

Curative purposes, which is a surgery performed with the aim of lifting or cleaning the body. Such as: the appendix surgery, hemorrhoid cuts, remove foreign objects that enter the body and the removal of benign tumors.

Re-function purposes , it aims to restore the organ function caused by a disease or damage, it can be either planned or in an emergency situation. Such as, re function of vision and hearing impaired, or an emergency surgery to the digestive tract obstruction that is done by creating a shortcut so that the disposal will be smooth.

Lifesaving purposes; is a surgery performed with the aim to save lives, sometimes the surgery is sacrificing certain organs of the body such as amputation of the patient to avoid infection (more often encountered in an emergency situation). This type of surgery is usually involve 3 (three) systems, namely cardiovascular system, respiratory tract and respiratory system.

Aesthetic purpose, is a surgery done with the aim to improve the appearance of someone like tightening the skin, remove fats, changing the shape of the nose and others. This type is done by a lot of celebrities in order to appear more attractive, such as plastic surgery performed Michael Jackson, Madonna and other celebrities.

And the last is the purpose of reconstruction, i.e. a surgery performed to improve the structure of the body caused by abnormalities or damage. Disorder experienced by a patient could be due to the disability at birth or due to an accident. It also carried out to restore its original form/structure such as that caused by a heavy surgery that is done before. In certain cases the reconstruction surgery is one of a kind of hard to do and requires a lot of experience, so the surgeon can treat patients in accordance with the objectives to be achieved.


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