Home After Hospitalization - Physician's Consideration

"When can I go home??", maybe that is the most frequent question from a patient to the physician in a hospitalization. Although the hospital is comfortable with all of the facilities, but of course the patient continues to feel bored and want to get home because he did not want to be sick anymore. He could also think about the bills, so it also affects the psychological state. Always assisted by the nurse will make him/her feel more helpless and a useless person. In addition he also might feel bother his family because he was hospitalized for too long.

Physician's Consideration to Allow the Patient to go Home After Hospitalization

There are some consideration from the doctor to let the patient go home,  the first is to check is the physical condition such as body temperature, blood pressure and respiratory functions. Body temperature below 38 degrees Celsius, a normal blood pressure and breathing smoothly is a prerequisite. If these conditions are met, but the patient still feel some complaints such as headaches, nausea or vomiting then it is better we wait for the results of further examination from the doctor.

Other things into consideration in giving the decision is the accuracy of the dose of the medicine and the results of laboratory examination. Chemotherapy and antibiotics injections that are not optimal may also restrain the patient to remain in the hospital. Each case has a different policy, but the results of laboratory examination become one of the main considerations. For patients who undergo surgery, then there are certain stages where the doctors will treat the wound, if it already showing a progress and it may be forwarded by means of outpatient.

External Factors Consideration

In addition to the above conditions, there is also another consideration given by the doctor in giving decisions. If a mother gave birth to a child who have a certain disorder and require an intensive care, the doctor will usually recommend that the mother not to get home first. Processes of insurance claims that have not been completed can also be a reason for a patient to the doctor not to repatriated him early.

Another reason that is usually encountered is the patient wants to move to another hospital that is cheaper or any other reason, the cost is very influential in the decision of the doctor because he also considers the humanity factor. Although in fact the doctor see the patient's condition has not been possible to outpatients and still require hospitalization. In cases like these, then usually the doctor is obliged to give explanations about the possible risks that might happen. The hospital will also provide a special agreement that must be signed by the patient or the family as proof that the desire to go home from the hospital is his own, while In certain circumstances the doctor may also refer to other hospitals.


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