Schizophrenia - Causes Symptoms Prevention

I Hope you can find out the secrets of schizophrenia after you read this. There are some important things you should know about this disorder, so you can thoroughly understand. Schizophrenia is a severe psychotic disorder of the brain, which is an imbalance between the way thinking and emotions. People with this problem usually experience a drastic reduction in emotional response and also experience some combination of abnormal behaviors such as frequent hallucinations, delusions and other abnormal behavior.

What causes Schizophrenia

From a wide range of research conducted to date, yet to be definitively known cause of schizophrenia. But many scientists says environmental and genetics factors can also cause the emergence of the problem. Many scientists say the patients typically experience an imbalance of dopamine, which is one of certain chemicals substance in the brain.

Because the causes of schizophrenia are remain unknown, we should be wary. We can pay attention to some specific factors that may increase the risk, such as :
  • Prolonged stress
  • Using psychoactive drugs at the time of adolescence
  • Due to malnutrition, toxins, viruses while in the womb
  • Or having a family history of the schizophrenia disease.

What are the Symptoms Of Schizophrenia?

The early symptoms of schizophrenia such as indifferent attitude, rarely or even too often smiling and frequent stony faced. Behavioral disorders such as undisciplined and disruptive, can not enjoy the pleasure, withdraw socially, being introverted and shy or likes to challenge others for no apparent reason. Communication disorders such as talking in circles and sometimes distorted and usually people with schizophrenia is difficult talks directionally.

There are two categories of the symptoms :

This symptom is called positive symptoms because it can be clearly seen by someone else. Such as :
  • Delusions, 
  • Hallucinations
  • Disorganized behavior
  • Thought disorder (Cognitive) for example : unable to concentrate and focus, severe memory problems and difficult to absorb information.
Referred to as negative symptoms because someone who suffered this disorder would lose the characteristic or normal function. For example :
  • Unable to express emotion on the face, 
  • Decreased desire and loss motivation 
  • Unable enjoy a favored activities 
  • Lack of ability to speak.

How To Prevent Schizophrenia

Until now, researchers have not found a sure way to avoid or prevent schizophrenia. It would be better if you avoid and  reduce stress, avoiding the abuse of drugs and immediately consult a psychologist, psychiatrist or other professional specialists to prevent a worsening of schizophrenia. My personal suggestion, to prevent it you should socialize in a healthy way and have a lot of friends. Maintaining health with exercise regularly, and when you're stressed then it would not hurt you to do some meditation or other spiritual approaches in order to calm your souls and purify your minds.

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