[Whooping Cough]Pertussis - Symptoms Causes Diagnosis Prevention

Pertussis is a frightening cough because it is highly contagious cough disease. It also known as whooping cough because the cough followed by high pitched "whoop" sound when the patient breathing air after coughing.

What Causes

The cause of this health problem is bordetella pertussis bacteria. The bacteria can be contagious to others when the sufferers sneezing, so the bacteria spreads in the air and attack the people around him. It can also be transmitted through saliva or droplets from coughing.

What Are The Symptoms

At first, the symptoms of pertussis looks like a common cold or cough symptoms. Such as such as sneezing, dry cough, mild fever and shortness of breath. After 1 or 2 weeks the symptoms will become worse, such as :
  • vomiting after coughing
  • The cough followed by a big breath or "whoop" sound
  • Pertussis symptoms in adults is characterized by a cough for weeks that don't get better.
  • In young children often face turns blue or very red, you should be wary if this happens, you have to go to the doctor or hospital immediately to treat your child!

How To Diagnose

bordetella Pertussis
Bordetella Pertussis
Doctors or professional specialist can diagnose pertussis by listening to the cough and asking about the symptoms. Some medical tests that are usually performed is a blood test, a chest x-ray and nose or throat swab or suction.

How To Prevent

To prevent pertussis effectively then you can perform the following steps :
  • Keep your baby from people who are coughing or suspected of having pertussis.
  • Give the pertussis vaccine to your child in a timely manner, although the vaccine does not provide lifelong protection but your children should  be vaccinated at ages 2, 4, 6, 12-18 months and 4 to 6 years. Give a booster once again at the age of 15 years.
  • Give vaccine to your self if you are planning a pregnancy, you can also ask for the pertussis vaccine after the baby is born.
  • Give the vaccine to adults who work with young children such as child care worker or school teacher.
  • Get early treatment as soon as possible when suffering from pertussis, and stay away from others, especially young children.
I hope this will help... God bless you... : )


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