How To Change Depression - To Become Powerful Spirit ?

Is it possible to change the stress or depression becomes a powerful spirit? In this article I will try to answer that question. To be able to change the stress or depression to becomes a strong spirit and enthusiatic, you must first know what stress is and where stress or depression began.

What is Stress and Depression About

It is a condition where a person feels depressed, so the person feels very low and very sad. This can be long and sustained, and the depressed person will feel empty, always think in a negative way and irritable. On a severe conditions can trigger the desire to commit suicide.

If you are depressed, you should not be discouraged, because of stress in low and moderate level is a normal reaction in daily life and no need to be considered as medical complaints.

What Causes Stress and Depression

There are many causes of depression. They can be started from financial problems, social, family, or also because of excessive anxiety and excessive guilt.

We can recognize the emergence of depressive symptoms by looking at certain characteristics. The main characteristic of the condition is the emergence of negative thoughts in our heads. When this happens, then you often feel helpless and useless. We must be alert to this.

The causes of depression are also often comes from the nature of perfectionism. For example, you might think that there is only one thing is true and the other is wrong, Or you always tend to think that you should always to become the number one, and when this does not happen you often think of ourselves as a loser.

Trying to become the number one is a very good thing, but one thing must remember that if you are just ordinary people who often do mistakes and sins and we are not the Prophet or an Angel that is always perfect. We can learn a lot from a process and by understanding the process and learn how something is really works, it's very rare we can learn something just from looking at the results.

How to change emotional stress to become a powerful spirit?

To change depression or stress to become a powerful spirit we have to stop thinking negatively , and begin to stimulate positive attitudes and thoughts. Stop assuming bad or ugly against ourselves. When you experience a failure, do not label ourselves with something negative, just be positive ... learn from our mistakes or failures, and realize that it is a normal process of life toward something we want. And give appreciation for yourself, try it harder and in a different way ...and have fun !!

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We can change the depression to become a strong spirit if we can find out where depression comes from. So we do not need to go to a doctor for a prescription of antidepressant drugs.If you can handle the depression well, then the depression can be an experience that can teach us how to face challenges or crises of life. So that we can become more resistant to a test and make us more creative and healthy.


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