Am I Psychosomatic ?

Am I Psychosomatic? Perhaps my writing can answer whether we suffer psychosomatic or not. If we have certain diseases, such as back pain, and it turns out that pain was growing worse when we experience an inner pressure or stress.Or are we suddenly suffer  allergic diseases or other certain diseases , whereas before we did not have allergic disease or other health problems. In cases like this, maybe we suffered psychosomatic or often referred to as somatization.

Psychosomatic disorder or somatization are health problems caused by psychological disorders and emotional disturbance. And if these emotional disturbances are not handled properly, it can lead to various diseases of unknown cause or medically unexplained physical symptoms.

The cause of psychosomatic usually comes from the negative things that are in our thoughts. Such as excessive guilt, excessive anxiety,depression or emotional stress and terrorize our minds. There is no harm if we start to build a positive mindset, because in addition to more comfortable on the inner, also we can be spared from psychosomatic.

Psychosomatic Patients usually experience disease symptoms that frequently change. And psychosomatic can cause many diseases, such as migraine or headaches that come unexpectedly, diarrhea, muscle pain, joint pain, itching like allergies or feel uncomfortable on all over the body. And many sufferers of psychosomatic also suffer from the heart.

The problem is many sufferers of psychosomatic do not know that the disease he suffered is derived from the inner psychological pressure. And the disease will grow worse if the patient does not want to acknowledge the psychological and emotional disorders/disturbances . So many sufferers of psychosomatic often change doctors as well as changing healing methods but did not experience any progression.

The psychological and emotional factors greatly affect on the health of the organs in the body, because it affects the nervous system, immunological and hormonal. This explains why someone who suffered Chronicle stress/depression will be more susceptible to diseases. And excessive stimulation of the nervous system may pose stroke sympathetic dystrophy, hypertension and cardiac disorders.

How to cure Psychosomatic?

The first step that must be done is to re-educate ourselves so that we can accept ourselves fully, make peace with the past and realize it as a lesson of life, so that we can have a new positive beliefs and be happy with current conditions.

psychosomatic symptoms
If you need help to overcome this I suggest you to visit the nearest psychologist/psychiatrist , or you can visit hypnotherapy clinic in your town. As far as I know, hypnotherapy can help you to handle this psychological disturbance problem effectively .

The second step to do is keep trying to cure the physical illness caused by psychosomatics. Visit and consult the disease symptoms that you experience to the to the doctor and do the medical treatment of your illness on a regular basis.

Both steps above must be done simultaneously and continuously. In this way I hope you can recover from psychosomatic . So you can psychologically and physically healthy.

I wish you are inspired , may health and prosperous be always with you ...


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