How to Make Your Children Eat Vegetables Excitedly

We must be very pleased when we see our children are so excited eating vegetables, but some time we often feel sad if our kids don't want to eat them. Some parents even confused on how to make their beloved children to eat carrots, spinach, tomatoes and other. In addition to meat and dairy they absolutely need it for their growth and to make their immune system stronger to prevent various health problems.

It will be much easier to do if you have him/her breast milk since he was a baby, because it will naturally make him more familiar to the change of taste which is common in breast milk. But if some parents can't do this for several reasons, there are several tricks to make him eat it eagerly.

The first thing you should notice is the way of food serving, make it look as interesting as possible. You can shape it resembles with his favorite toys such as cars and animals shape, or you can make it look like his favorite cartoon character such as Spongebob or Patrick. In addition to the form, you can also provide an attractive and colorful bowl and spoon.

If your child likes meatballs, then you can make your own meatballs and put just a bit carrot in it. You can also mix a few veggies in your kids favorite ice juice, it takes a lot of parents creativity in serving the foods but the results is worth it. You can also involve your children when you wash the vegetables or when you buy it at the market and make it look like a game so they will feel entertained.

Make The Children Eat Vegetables in a Fun Way

child eat vegetables
Another simple things you can do is doing some attractive expressions when you eat it at the family dinner. You can say " wow... it's so great, I do not know if Spongebob can be very delicious to eat!" or "Hello mister Patrick, I am going to eat you right know....!" , Usually they will  laugh or smile and start to follow you to eat the vegetables. :-)

Yes.. It requires patience to make it works. If you have your own garden at the backyard, it is a good idea if you grow your own veggies. Engage the children in the first process of planting until the harvest time,  make look like a game and cheer up the atmosphere. In this way the children will understand how vegetables can grow and begin to like it.


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