Soybean Benefit and How to Eat it Safely

Soybean is one of the main source of protein and vegetable oil that we can find in our daily food. There are two types of them, the first is white soybean (Glycine Max), which is used as the base material to make soy flour and soy oil, tofu and as a mixture of various snacks. The second is black soybean (Glycine Soja), which is used as the main material of soy sauce. The United States is still the main producer, even though these plants are originated from tropical and sub-tropical Asia countries.

It is also contain isoflavon, which is good to eat for stroke and high blood pressure sufferers because it may control the blood pressure in normal limits. It will also increase the insulin hormones which is useful to convert glucose into energy, therefore soybean is very good for diabetics. It is also useful for digestive system, and reduce the symptoms of arthritis and gout.

Soybean is excellent for young women in order to increase the estrogen hormones, but it is not recommended for people that have breast cancer in current or past because it will increase the risk of the tumor growth. For teenage boys is also not recommended to eat them too much because of the phytoestrogens content. Replace the meat to soy foods(such as tofu) is a wise choice in a weight loss program, due to the excellent nutrition for body metabolism and it can control the fat and cholesterol in the body.

How to Eat Soybean Safely and Optimize the Benefit

To get the optimal benefit of soybean nutrients then you have to adjust to your body condition. For some people that have breast cancer then they can leave soybeans and seek for alternatives to replace the nutrients. As well as for our son who is still in infancy or adolescence, limiting the consumption on a considerable portion is a smart move.

The key is to know your own body, do you have a certain conditions and is it forbidden to eat soybeans. If your doctor forbids you to eat them, then you must also be careful in choosing snacks, consider whether the snacks are made from soybeans as the base materials. If you had a special condition and still allowed to eat it in a fairly number then choose the organic one, since most American soybeans are the result of genetic engineering it can also increase the risk of allergies in children.

World nutritionists recommend to eat fermented soybean like tempeh, some researches shows that tempeh can optimize the nutrients and fiber. This is very beneficial for the people of Indonesia, because tempeh is one of the national staple food that is made from soybean and has been consumed by Javanese people since centuries ago.


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