Low Cholesterol Diet For a Healthier Heart

Coronary heart disease and Cardiomyopathy usually suffered by a person with the age of 40 and above, but these days these disorders also attacks in people with a young age. This can happen when the person  has an unhealthy diet and do not pay attention to the balance of nutrients in the food consumed, unconsciously consume too many foods that contain high cholesterol is likely will increase the risk of heart disease.

Indeed the majority of heart disease caused by foods, limiting fat and cholesterol within  reasonable limits is a wise decision. When you buy the meat at the market choose lean meat to help reduce saturated fat. When we eat fatty meats, it will increase the blood cholesterol and getting high risk of atherosclerosis (ASVD), that is the buildup of plaque in arteries that would trigger a stroke.

Peanuts, almonds and walnuts are very good to prevent heart disease because of the unsaturated fats, rich in antioxidants and fiber content. They are also great especially for young people who are undergoing a weight loss program to reduce hunger. In order to support this program, the experts recommend to eat peanuts at the most of 2 ounces per day.

One of the most famous vegetables to keep our body healthy are tomatoes, because they contain carotene lycopene that is a natural antioxidant and may prevent prostate cancer. Tomatoes is also keep the beauty of the skin as it protects against ultra violet rays(UV) and rich in vitamin C. Vitamin B1, B3 and iron in brown rice is also very good for your heart health support, it also contains antioxidants that can improve the durability of the body.

Discipline is very influential on the success in running your healthy heart diet program, as well as family and social support is also very necessary.


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